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Guys,My cert journey involves doing two exams a year and I like to complete exams from different vendors to gain a widespread variation of knowledge. To date I have passed ISACA CISM, ISC2 CCSP, CSA CCSKv4, IAPP CIPM, PMI PMP and ISO 31000 amongst others. My role is that of Head of Cloud which is a client facing role and I like to stay ahead of the younger generation!So, I'm looking at the CCISO for later this year and whilst I have seen threads \ posts with reservations about EC Council I'd like to get anyone who has gone through the CCISO processes feedback. Worth doing? Best materials? etc.Thanks for any assistance.


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    I fall into that camp of not being a big fan of EC-Council. I can't speak for C|CISO but I vague remember getting a letter when it was first released. I was offered the ability to use C|CISO if I just paid them their fee and I didn't have to take the exam. I thought it was odd that they couldn't make the certification stand on its own.
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    I'm not on board with that one yet. Especially if they were offering usage of the C|CISO just for paying the fee. And lately I have been hearing more and more negative views on EC-Council too.
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    Different strokes for different folks, but I disapprove. EC-Council.
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    LordQarlyn wrote: »
    ... if they were offering usage of the C|CISO just for paying the fee...
    Yeah - I should have mentioned that this was part of the original Grandfather Provision which expired in September 2012. Link to blog that mentioned the practice - Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Certified? and marketing blurb that mentions it - https://www.eccouncil.org/research-proves-best-performing-companies-employ-a-ciso/
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    I often study for certifications as a convenient way of setting a learning goal that happens to have a reward at the end. Except EC Council. The quality of their training materials is terrible.

    They do seem to have infected many corporate job ads.
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