Experience IT professional breaking into Cloud Security job market. Advise needed

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Hi Everyone,

I started my career in a NOC/SOC environment where i got my CCNA 10 years ago. For the past 8 years i have been working for a couple of big consulting firms specializing in federal consulting and my role has kinda transitioned into a Office 365 architect/Product manager with a specialty in MS Teams, SharePoint online and One Drive (Architecture, Admin and security). I have a Masters in Cyber security from 2008 but things have evolved and changed dramatically since then. I am looking to move more into a Cloud Security architect role for career progression and looking for some guidance on the following

1) What certifications should i focus on first to catch up on the latest and greatest. I was thinking about Comptia Security+ and Cloud+. If there are others please feel free to add

2) I have been looking at AWS and Azure certifications and a bit lost where to start. I have been in a Microsoft shop for over 5 years now

3) With 3 young kids my preference is not to work in a SOC in a night shift ( I did it for 4 years and hated it every moment) What kinda roles i should target?

I am happy to provide more details if needed.



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    Hi. I'd recommend networking through your local Cloud Security Alliance chapter. Their site has a list of certifications that might help you transition into cloud security. https://cloudsecurityalliance.org/
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    MCSE: Cloud Platform and infrastructure? Sure, you can knock out Sec+ and Cloud+ quick... but how much will that actually benefit you giving your decade in IT.
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    Let's start with the fact that you are already MS cloud experienced (Office 365). Now you should consider how to build on that. While Cloud+ is a good foundational cert, I don't know that it will provide the necessary value your time and money should expect. Same with Security+. Admittedly, Security+ may be of some benefit as you are in the federal space and the DoD especially likes it. To build on your MS experience I would start with the MCSA: Linux on Azure cert. After that, the MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure. Finally, get the CCSK from CSA or the CCSP from (ISC)2, if you qualify.

    As for the job focus, I would consider looking into becoming a cloud security consultant.
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