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Has anyone taken SEC 506 recently? How many pages per book? The only thread I came upon was several years old and it seemed like it wasn't a very great class. They mentioned spending 20 mins a slide or something or is it just as fast paced every other sans course? Looking at the topics, I'm not sure how this is 6 days unless its exercise heavy. I'm thinking about taking it. Let me know, thanks!


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    SEC506 is a good course to take, especially if you don't have a strong background in Unix/Linux systems. It does have a lot of exercises and demos over the six days. This helps emphasize the material the instructor is presenting. Some of the topics it covered which I wasn't too familiar with were chroot(), SELinux, AIDE, and Linux forensics.
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    Co-worker took it. Great class, but not very popular among the masses. You could get most of the content just by looking at the course descriptions & buying related books on Amazon for securing Linux and also YouTube/Google, but then you don't get the benefit of living and breathing it the SANS way.
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