What do the 2 numbers mean ex: "line vty 0 4"

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https://i.imgur.com/ONZmRVx.png The number on the left is the router or switch right whats the one on the right mean. is there a command to show all lines? on the device?


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    Virtual terminal lines 0 thru 4 can be accessed via the configured login and password. The command "show line" will show all of the lines (cty, tty, aux, and vty).
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    To expand on kaiju's answer, when you telnet or ssh to a device, you're accessing it via a vty line. So you connect on vty 0, and then I access it on 1, another person on 2, 3, 4... So it can support 5 connections at once. Most of the time, you're applying the same configuration, ACLs, or whatever, to all vty lines, so you see it written as "line vty 0 4", but there's technically nothing stopping you from applying one configuration to say lines 0-2, and then a different config for lines 3 and 4.
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