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Hey guys. Great site. Just a quick question. The TechNotes for Security+ seem to be missing cryptography and PKI. Can anyone help me out? Am I missing something? Thanks!
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    those being worked on :) im not sure about PKI but i think Johan said that he is working on the cytpography stuff.
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    That's correct, those are still in the making. Following are the remaining Security+ TechNotes:

    - Privilege management
    - OS and application hardening
    - Basics of Cryptography
    - PKI and Key Management
    - Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
    - Security Policies and Procedures
    - Education and Training
    - Documentation

    I'm working on and off on most of them and updating the Network+ TechNotes so I don't really know when they will all be finished, and when they will end up in a PDF, and a PDF with questions (Special Edition), but I will finish at least several of the above this month.
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    Very cool. Thanks Johan! The notes are great!
    Next up: 70-299
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