What are the job positions that are mostly outsourced in the technology field?

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I'm gonna be graduating in a year with a CS degree, I don't live in the U.S. and have been thinking a lot about moving there after I graduate and maybe start my career there I've been freelancing for a while and made some money it's not enough for me to move to the U.S. yet. Now what I figured would be best for me is if I found a job while I live in my current country since life here is somewhat cheap a $1000/month would actually be pretty amazing for me. what are the positions that are mostly outsourced so that I can focus on them in my last year? I heard AWS admins are outsourced any other suggestions?

notice I'm looking for a job not freelancing I've been freelancing web development for a while now so I'm not looking for that and it has a lot of downsides too.



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    Your difficulty lies in this being your first job or position of any responsibility. This makes it doubly difficult to obtain that all too important first position.

    I see very little offshoring anymore outside of some CSR (Customer Service Representative) work these days. Occasionally, I hear or see a remote opportunity but America is still the voracious social animal its always been, preferring workers live in the office rather than in more comfortable settings.

    The other work I do see has been Windows administration, occasionally development and more rarely InfoSec. Too much of my day revolves around looking people in the eyes and working through any number of humans interacting with technology related problems so virtual or work from home does not appear to be in my cards, I guess.

    Remote work is good for a while but very difficult to get promoted .

    - b/eads
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    @OP - Welcome to TE.

    Are you actually asking about (1) out-sourcing from the US to off-shore, (2) trying to get a remote job for a US company, or (3) working for a US company at a local site? Those are all very different business arrangements.

    1) Unlike @beads, I do come across this scenario. US firms do outsource technology support to companies offshore. The most common that I come across is tech support. But also common is software QA and development. If you are interested in working for a company in your country that provides out-source tech capabilities to US companies, you will have to research those local companies in your home country. Certain countries will have more of those types of companies if the cost-of-living is low since labor arbitrage is the primary motivation to do this type of third-party out-sourcing.

    2) Getting a remote tech job for a US company will be a lot more difficult. Most companies typically are going to only hire someone directly (usually as a subcontractor) in a remote position if that individual has a skill which is difficult to source. Additionally, because it doesn't scale well for a company, it's rarely a desired approach.

    3) Depending on the country you are in - a multi-national may already have a local presence and this would be a viable approach for you to work for a US company in your country.

    If you share the country that you are in - perhaps others may have input. Good luck in your studies and finding your first job.
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    I work for a fortune 100 and we are always outsourcing/offshoring our system work out for out of scope hours. All our chains run at night and we have production operations team manage these.
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