Calling the Guild of Microsoft I have a deployment question

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Good Morning fine folks and the Microsoft Gods,

I am dabbling with setting up a Server 2016 box nothing to exotic I have a HP Microserver with a couple of drives and two network cards in this particular setup.

I want to have a play with imaging so was going to have a dabble with MDT figured I would create a little setup and use stuff like hyper V to create reference images I can play with.

The main question is I setup something similar with a Clonezilla box in which I had two network cards and one for the main netwrok the second was on a different subnet and was isolated ( connected directly to a switch ) anything I plug in this switch I could image and machines would be given a i.p address in the 2nd network card range.

The question is can I replicate a similar setup in a Microsoft environment? have one network card for internet access and the 2nd card directly connected to a switch so I can then capture images.

Many Thanks for guidance as always my dudes
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    Hello. Yeah you should be able to do all that without too much trouble with the 2 NIC's. From what I remember, from reading mcsa server stuff, imaging would be done using WDS. Can't help you on that as I've never labbed any of that out. Try looking through videos on youtube on setting up and configuring WDS. Good luck.
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    you need to install the Windows Deployment Service role on your 2016 server. Then you can begin to build out your imaging environment. Take a look at BJ Tech news, his YouTube videos will help you with your deployment.
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    I know this....

    Th he question I had was too isolate the setup away from the main network.
    Microsoft's strategy to conquer the I.T industry

    " Embrace, evolve, extinguish "
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    Install WDS. Then use wdsutil /set-server /bindpolicy to configure the network interface to use. You can google for the exact switches to use.

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