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Hello all.
I passed OSCP exam in last month. I'm deeply passionate into "hacking" stuff. In "hacking" I mean I love finding vulnerabilities,find any flaw that I can exploit, I love to break something, I love to reverse programs. My biggest problem is that I'm too passionate into multiple field:

1) Network/Web application penetration testing
2) Exploit Development
3) reverse Engineering

I feel I need to focus on one single field. I understand I can't be top expert in those above mentioned 3 field. Problem is that i can't decide exactly which one field to choose and focus on it.

I deeply wan't to be very top expert into one field. Is it humanly possible to be expert into multiple(2 or 3) fields?

This problem always bothers me. Did anyone has this kind of dilemma? :)


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    Too much to learn and not enough time? I hear you. I'd say pick one and focus on it. Set a goal for what you want to accomplish. Then when you feel you've reached your goal, focus on the next thing while maintaining your knowledge/skills in the first one. Sure, you can be an expert in multiple fields.
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    Honestly, they all do work together so I would say you should be able to work on all three. That being said, since your question relates to which one you should pick, I'd suggest Network/Web app pen testing. I think this is where you will see the most bang for your buck in terms of job outlook. There other two will definitely relate to the pen testing, but at the end of the day if you aren't in some form of research position (be it academic or at a security firm) then pen testing is where you should focus. End of the day any company that employees you will be looking to pass an audit and want to know they are protected from the problems of today (though if they really care about security they'll want your skills for problems others have not discovered yet). Good luck!
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