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Hello :):)

I need help, i am trying to do CISA questions i have the database and do not know what is the best approach to do this. At first i thought of doing questions by Domain but they keep repeating and i am getting alot of them wrong. What is the best study approach?

Thanks in Advance


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    If you are getting a lot of questions wrong, you're probably not grasping the concepts. I think it's very helpful to use a reading/reference material in addition to going over the ISACA QAE Database. A lot of people recommend using the CRM - (CISA Review Manual) by ISACA. I used the CISA Study Guide 4th Edition instead of the CRM and it worked well for me!
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    When I prepared for CISA, I remember reading the Review Manual on top of doing practice questions. It is more organized in presenting the concepts compared to the Q&A DB.
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    Thank you very much for the advice i will do that.
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    i am uploading CISA Video lectures, one is below
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    Recently took my CISA and passed thankfully.

    You remind me of myself at the beginning when I was trying to study. I started off with the database without having read the book and struggled a bit, so I started coupling it with the CISA manual. I'd finish a chapter then do questions relating to that chapter/domain. When I got half way I then switched back to doing questions for the remaining chapters 4 and 5 then retrospectively reading the book. I think alternate the methods because sticking to just the database will put you into memorisation mode [which you don't want] and just reading the book will make you fall asleep [I know I got bored very easily with it].

    Good luck!
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    Thank you @ladylots2 i will try that strategy.
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    The study guide is really helpful. I passed the CISA exam a couple of years ago and will submit my application for certification in November. I went through the study guide a couple of times (not easy) and that is what helped me pass the exam in addition to the practice questions in the book that I purchased from ISACA (well worth it).
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    Can someone provide the database for the Q and A that I can use to study. I am trying to take the test next months but did not find any free database online. Much appreciated. 
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