Why am I learning this again???? CCNP

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So, I've been studying my CCNP Route. <--- Current goal.
I am starting to feel pretty confident in my abilities at this point, but I've come to a point of realization.
My realization is, where I work doesn't 'really' require a CCNP analyst...I could totally orchestrate this entire network without knowing anything from my CCNP.
One of the things my org did recently was purchase ACI (without my knowledge...ugh) and want me to implement it. Do I continue my foundational knowledge into CCNP to understand networking foundations as a whole, or do I start to focus my attempts towards a L7 view.
I would really appreciate points of view from perspectives that have experienced both CCNP and also ACI if possible.

Thank you all,

Be sure to grow and learn at least 1% everyday. By the end, we'll all be 100%.

-I made a simple post on this before, but I am readdressing it in a different context to see the points of view from people who are studying towards their CCNP (have CCNA foundations)


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    My previous company, had 3 sites, we used a MPLS supported via a 3rd party company for our intersite routes. After replacing the switches, migrating the topology (Token Ring to collasped core) and moving our internet breakouts to be local from breaking out via our DC.. The most excitement I got was adding a new route into EIGRP and even that was few and far between. Me and one other guy who are both very into our networking left within the space of a month of eachother.

    I'm now working in a huge company with over 100 sites. I'm only studying for CCNP Switch now but I can tell you that I'm way outta me depth when it comes to the routing side of things. I've just built CSR router into Azure and deploying DMVPN across the remote sites. Its definitely more fruitful and engaging. We use a 3rd party company for our 4th line support, but once I get my CCNP Route I'll look to take this on myself.

    What I would say is, I got this job based on my Azure knowledge rather than Networks, but it turns out that I'm actually the most knowledgable about the networks so have taken that mantel. You may struggle to get a more exciting position without the CCNP. I know I wouldnt be able to walk straight into a dedicated Network CCNP level position.

    If you can utilise your other skills to carve a role somewhere its a option. If your only a Networks guy, probably sit comfortably where you are and grind out the CCNP. I would love a networks only position.
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    From a simple point of view some people want to know just enough and others want to know more.

    I believe this is the reason many of us continue to learn more then our job requires.
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    The ARCH exam covers some ACI topics. if you want to learn something that is more relevant you could work towards that exam. But keep in mind that ARCH has both ROUTE and SWITCH information in it so the learning curve might be a little high.
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    CCNP is certification. Knowledge is knowledge. My advice is to try to focus on what you really feel you have to learn or want to learn, then worry about certifications. I believe the data center track tackles ACI if that helps.
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    IMO, I'm assuming if you're company wants you to deploy ACI that you have networking experience. I would say to focus on that there's different courses/training for ACI to ensure you have a smooth deployment. After its online you can go back to your studies. Automation aside, if something is not working right you have to understand networking to be able to properly troubleshoot it and working towards a CCNP you will prob pick a few new things that you can apply to your job.
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