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My plan was to schedule the Route exam within the next month.. until today when I launched the BOSON practice exam and finished with a score of 73% and then a second round at 78%.

Looking for input from anyone that has passed the route exam and used the BOSON practice test. Is this on par with the cisco test or more difficult? I had only minor issues with the routing protocol questions but struggled a lot with things I don't use in the workplace daily such as flow export, dialer connections, chap/pap, etc. I'm going over this material now and curious if this indicates I should wait to schedule the official exam.


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    The Boson tests can definitely be demoralizing. I just passed route 2 days ago. I started studying in october 2017, right after I finished switch in just over 3 months. I watched 2 video courses (CBT Nuggets and Chris Bryant on Udemy) while taking a ton of notes and doing the configurations while watching. I read a book (How to Master CCNP Route). I did labs on gns3vault. I did the route workbooks on INE. I labbed some more.

    And then I took the boson tests and never got a passing score the first time on any of them. I felt like the tests really pointed out areas I needed to focus on, though. The additional info they provide with the answer explanations is very helpful. If you start learning not just why the correct answers are right, but also why the wrong answers are wrong, it will definitely help you for the real thing.

    Also, try to give yourself a bit of time in between the tests so you don't start memorizing the answers before you really start learning them. I bought the Boson tests on 7/2 and just took the real thing on 7/25.
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    I second the sentiment of albinorhino187. I just passed the 300-101 test after failing it once. I never did get a passing test on the Boson practise tests, and some of their questions to this day still leave me scratching my head -- their drag and match questions about the LSA's allowed in Stubby areas never really clicked with me. But, the Boson tests really pointed out to me where my weak spots were. In some ways the Cisco test almost felt easy compared to the Boson test (not to minimize the Cisco test, since it was a hard one). I also started to memorize answers on the Boson test, so my best results came from taking the practise test every couple of days.
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