RHCSA minor panic! Machine fails to boot.

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Hi, I did my RHCSA today. During the exam, with about 15 minutes to go, I thought "one last reboot, make sure I've got it right".
Screen went blank and stayed blank. Waited a bit longer, still blank. Not even a grub prompt or bios messages or ....
Minor panic : 15 minutes is probably not enough time to reset to nothing and get it all working again enough to pass.
Power off the VM, wait a moment and power on : it works. Phew. Start breathing.
A couple more reboots and it always reboots fine.

So, I'm chalking it up to "one of those things" but then I got scared because I've heard that unbootable instances score zero. What if it fails to boot when they try to mark it??

Anybody had a similar experience? Will they "try again" if the boot fails?

NB I was chuffed when I realised I did my RHCSA on Sysadmin day. Lets just hope I scored well!


  • BodanelBodanel Member Posts: 214 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I notices that sometimes services tend to wait a bit longer to boot. If you didnt screw anything it should boot. Anyway, if my memory is correct every 0 score is double checked by a person. Fingers crossed for you
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