WGU for Cybersecurity?

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Hi all,

Anyone gone through the bachelors level Cyber program at WGU? How would you rate the program in overall ability to get you prepared for an entry level Analyst type position? I recently got my first IT gig out of college and its a great gig, but I know I want to end up in security. In the meantime, I am curious about what people (and employers) have to say about this program. I know reading through the course material it seems legit and even includes some certs (some of them to be fair, are decent at best... while others are good). To be clear, I know I can't expect to get a job just because I have a piece of paper. With my current job, certs, and a specific security degree, I figure I would fair well among the Information Security Analyst type positions (entry-mid level range). Anyone willing to share any useful information? I already have a degree, but it is not IT related. I see lots of jobs ask for IT specific degrees, so I am worried if I just get certs (even with my current job experience) that I may not fair as well as others. Maybe I am wrong. Please share what you can!

PS. I suppose what I am really looking for are your thoughts on:

1. How well do you think this program did to technically prepare you for an analyst type position (entry-mid level)
2. How was the course material overall? Useful? Outdated? Filler?
3. How did employers view this degree when you applied to jobs?
4. Did you land a job after graduation?

Feel free to add anything else. Thanks all.
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