best self-assessment to predict likelihood of passing CISSP exam?

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Is there a self-assessment or self-test that can give you a good idea of your likelihood of passing the CISSP exam?

Now before someone says "This can't be done," here's what I mean: For a given self-assessment test, people take the test the day before their CISSP exam. They record their score on the test from 0-100. Then they take the real CISSP exam and report back whether they passed. For each self-assessment score from 0 to 100, out of the people who got that score, you can compute the percent of those people who passed the CISSP exam. Unless people are answering completely at random, there should be some positive correlation between the self-assessment scores and the percent of people with that score who passed, and you can use your score on the self-assessment test to predict your likelihood of passing the real CISSP exam. So it's not like it can't be done.

One the other hand, I assume nobody actually has collected formal data like this. But perhaps some anecdotal evidence has accumulated around some self-assessment test -- e.g., of the people who get 90 out of 100 on this self-assessment test, most of them pass the real CISSP exam.
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