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Thank you, everyone, for sharing your experiences. I have cleared my SSCP exam on 07-23-2018. This is my first security certification. I am currently working as an Identity Management Engineer. After reading so many threads in this forum I prepared my mind for a very tough exam with long(3-4 lines) questions.

When I started my exam, I thought it was okay for the first 5 questions. I was so anxious, I wanted to see all the questions, so I have gone through all the questions in the first 100 minutes. I marked the questions which I was not sure(Did not flag the questions, which I know for sure). I counted the questions which I didn't flag, they are around 40-50. I took a break for 3 minutes and prepared my mind for battle.

Now I know all the questions, I just have to think clearly to answer. I started from the 1st question again re-read the questions and answers. In the next 60 minutes, I have completed the 2nd round. Now I have 20-30 questions flagged. I started the 3rd round of review, this time only for flagged questions. I reviewed the 10-15 questions and my brain lost the track and just 20 minutes left, so I submitted the test. I was not sure if I cleared the test or not. After coming out, they handed over the paper which says Congratulations :D.

I felt it was tough & confusing. I know all the topics, but for few questions couldn't decide the correct answer. Questions were such that I don't remember what they asked after coming out of the exam. Maybe that's their specialty.

I felt 50-60 questions were straight If you know the material you can answer without second thought. 40-60 questions were confusing with several correct answers, you have to choose according to the situation ( MOST, BEST, etc). Remaining 10-20 questions were tough, maybe research questions.

Materials used:

Darril Gibson,2nd edition(primary study source).
SSCP Official CBK, 4th edition (studied few domains, couldn't cover all).
Pluralsight videos (Watched few domains )
Professor Messer sec+ videos(few)
Transcender practice test (300 + questions)
Edusum Practice tests (1000 + questions)
Exam cram cissp , security + practice tests( relevant topics)
Cissp summaries from several websites.


I was studying on and off for a few months. I have studied Access controls, Application Security, Cryptography before scheduling test. It took time for me to understand the topics in the beginning. I took one to one n half week for each domain. First, I have completed the Darril Gibson and then for each domain, I reviewed topics according to ISC2 exam outline. I tried to solve as many questions as I can before taking the test. Whenever I did something wrong, I watched a few youtube videos for better understanding. Last week revision is very important.

I will start preparing for CISSP next month. I will aim to clear cissp in December-January. Again, thank you, everyone, for sharing your experiences and helping others.


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