ECSA Challenges - advice much appreciated

padsmithpadsmith Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
So I have made some progress and they are definitly a challenge and a good learning curve. I do not want the answers but would appreciate some advice feedback on my challenges

I have completed Challenge 1, 2 ,
Challenge 3 I have the password and I know its not listening on the standard port and have been using a tool to examine the web site but no luck on finding the file required - been on it a long time would appreciate any advice.
Challenge 4 - completed
Challenge 5 - password and found file , but can I get the file to a machine that has a function to present the HASH. Tried metaspoil but stmp as to best way to copy it to anywhere else. I can RDP onto the destination as Arnold so thats good but......any feedback would be appreciated

Challenge 6 - need to find the home page I have found 2 SQL injection vulnerabilities but not sure on source on how to exploit


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