A+ exams- To wait, or not to wait.

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Hello all.

I have a question about whether or not to start studying for the CompTia A+ exam now and write the 901/902 before the the new version comes out sometime in January, or to wait until January and start to study the new material then and write the new updated exams later in the year.

The reason I ask is I am COMPLETELY new to this field, just starting a Computer and Information Systems university course in September and I feel like I will need a little extra time to study for the A+ exams. If I start to study the 901/902 versions now, I feel like I won't have enough time to write them before they bring in the new ones. I know there is a 6 month grace period to write the old version, after the new version has come out but I still feel like I will need a bit more time. Plus, it seems to just make more sense to start my knowledge in the industry with current, updated material.

Any information would be appreciated, thanks very much.



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    I would recommend going for the 901/902. The main reason is that the training materials available now have been used by many people, so you can select the best ones for your studies. Waiting until next year means that you will have to wait and see which materials are more useful. Not to mention, your employer won't ask which version of the exams you passed, just whether or not you are certified.
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    I would suggest starting now on the current material. If you decide it has taken you to long you can always pick up the new material and take the new test next year. Procrastination is not your friend.

    Good Luck!
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    Don't wait, there is always a new version in the pipeline, get used to that part- regardless of the cert or vendor. Get started now!
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