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Ok Ive gotten a Machspeed motherboard bundled with a 2.9ghz CPU Celeron D and I did everything correct in setting it up, when I went to turn on the PC nothing moved fan etc, so first thing that came to mind was the power supply, so what I did was I took out my power supply and used it on another PC's motherboard and it worked fine. Now the bad powersupply suggestion is out the window, so now I say it might be a bad motherboard, I then order another motherboard same brand and all. I did the same set up and nothing gets power, Now I call up the makers of the board and the only answer they could give me is that it could be the CPU. Now my question is can a CPU cause this type of problem? Where it causes everything from the power supply and CPU fan not to start up.


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    Try grounding the PS-ON control signal located at Pin 14 of the power supply connector. This is typically a green wire. Ground connections are located at Pins 3, 5, 7, 13, 15, 16, & 17. Ground wires are typically black.

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    Had a similar problem with a PC Chips motherboard. Turned out some of the traces on the back of the board were shorting to ground because the guy who installed it in the case did not use standoffs. I guess he thought the dimples in the case would be sufficent to maintain clearance.
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    If ps-on does not turn it on and you are sure that you have standoffs on correctly try removing the ribbon cables to the cd/dvd, and floppy to make sure that you do not have a over current caused by a short. Power supplies will self regulate to off on an over current. On may system motherboar combo's the green power light will flash off and on 1 a second.
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