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Just wondering as to if anyone has undertaken this certification and if they found it to become useful? I have looked into it, and like the look of it, but I was not sure whether it is something that will look that amazing on the CV or not....
I also cannot find too much info about the exam type - is it multiple choice does anyone know? I know you can only take it at a few testing centers, and they are not prometric or vue...

Thanks in advance!


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    These certifications are targeted to people needing to get the most out of office applications. Not technical at all, just more like advanced "how to" certs for word, excel, powerpoint, access, and outlook. So to answer your question, knowledge gained is always worth it in my book, but don't expect it to help your value much in the tech market.
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    Thanks for the prompt reply. I don't use outlook or access at work (Notes instead) - but I find increasing my knowledge always helpful to myself and others.
    What are the exams like; are they multiple choice and how much are they? The ms site does not say much about them really...

    Thanks again
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    The exams are task oriented. In other words, you'll be asked to perform various tasks in the application. Similar to the simulations you see in the newer MCP exams.
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    Anyone have a suggestion on a good training book for MOS certification in Access 2000 (at least, but newer is fine as well).
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    I had used Office for 5 or 6 years before taking the exams. I took the Word, Excel and Outlook Specialist exams and didn's study. I reviewed the "need to know" sheet on Microsoft's web site and that was enough. The test is basically following a set of directions for performing common tasks.
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    I see. Thanks. :)
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