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hello ,

I would like to make some "presentation videos" ;I don't want something professional , i will use my laptop webcam..
They will only be played offline and definitely under 2-3 minutes long.
i would like to make something like INE videos form (one side with real person and the other side: a picture like a "PowerPoint slide" )

i have one video file recorded (me) and 1 slide , so i try to merge both in the same video.

Could somebody give me some guidance : softwares (prezi , beamer,... ) , tutorials,technics ...

thank you


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    I don't normally do presentations, but the first place I'd check to learn how to do this would be Udemy. I'm sure there's several good ones for like $10 US.
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    I am sure that YouTube has tons of available videos describing on how to perform presentation editing and specific guides on how to use specific presentation software. Have you checked YouTube yet?
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    Depending on your budget, you could check out Camtasia or Adobe Captivate. You may be able to use Google Hangout or something like that for your use-case but I'm not sure if you can record the webcam and screenshare at the same time with the hangout record feature. Other web collaboration tools may let you do that though.
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    @yoba222 : for now , i didn't find something interesting , at least for me , lot of adobe premiere , capture , game related ...

    @DAZ_° : yes but "YouTube videos " are like how to act (performing) in front of a camera , what i am looking is the the "making of.
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    For screen recording on a Windows PC check out this article.

    If you are on a Mac, screen recording can be done by using Quicktime which should already be installed on your computer.

    I made this video demonstrating a piece of DJ hardware and software using just my Mac, Quicktime, a web cam and iMovie for editing. If I wanted to I could have made it a split screen with one half camera view and the other half screen capture, but instead I chose to just place the screen capture in the top center.
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