Carrier advice ( CCNA+Degree+2yrs experience )

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Hi all,:D

I'm here to ask advice on my carrier. Sorry for the long post.
I have been working for a Microsoft company for the past 2 years, however my 2 year old contract as a junior consultan has came to an end.
They specialised in Azure and in the Cloud platform, however I have joined the networking team since I have a Bachelor degree in computer networking.
During the 2 years I have completed my CCNA certification and was involved in 2-3 major projects where we implemented networking infrastructures (cisco) in data centres and also managing them afterwards using a ticketing support system. These were really good experiences especially as a graduate, however 70% of the times I was working from home doing basic stuff (enabling ports for VLAN's, doing backups, upgrades for devices etc..).
I feel that my work experience is too far behind even for a CCNA certification, because as I said I was doing very basic and simple stuff.

I'm not really sure where to go next. My aim is to gain as much experience in networking as I can and doing it on a daily basis.
I have looked at some 1st and 2nd line network support roles, because they require basic troubleshooting and configuring skills so I might learn a lot there.
I don't care about salary, I still live at home I just want a job where I can really progress and improve my skills. I'm based in London.

So if anyone has been in a similar situation or can give any useful advice for me on which type of jobs would be ideal for me based on the above, I would really appriciate it.

Thanks :)


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    I'm not sure how much help I will be since I'm in the US, but since no one else has replied...

    I am currently a network tech/engineer but I also have previous IT employee management experience and have interviewed, hired, and fired.

    Speaking strictly from a USA perspective, with a CCNA, a degree, and 2 years experience you shouldn't have a problem finding a more advanced job. Look at MSPs as at least a Tier 2 position and you will learn a lot and fast. When you update your resume concentrate on putting down more of the advanced experience you hold, such as the network implementations you were a part of. List experiences in order from most relevant to least relevant pertaining to the position you are applying for.

    This should get your foot in the door for a more advanced job to gain even more experience. You may also consider starting to work towards CCNP.

    When you interview confidence and honesty are very important factors, so don't sell yourself short. If they ask you something you have no experience with be honest and tell them you have no experience with that but you are a fast learner, etc., etc. Profile them then put yourself in their shoes and try to figure out what they want to hear.
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