Globbing ? Help

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So im going from the ground up re learning linux and i am a bit confused with globbing. All i can do in the terminal is type ls *F which brings up my Files, then if i type ls s* or ls *txt it will bring my 3 txt files up. Im just not grasping how to use the ls .* or ls *. function when im trying to find a file or something.


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    So ls *.txt to a directory would show you all the text files that exsist in that directory

    If your doing *. It would show you anything defined to it I believe, so example.txt ls.* would pretty much just echo the same request, I'm fairly new to Linux command line, so I may be wrong, trying to look at building my knowledge myself to do the Linux Essentials cert, still in very early days for me though haha :)

    Hope this helps a little.

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