Passed N007 Yesterday

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Passed N007 yesterday with a score of 847,

I had 80 questions two of which were profomance based, One of the performance based questions was very ambiguous and I must have spent 10 minutes reading it before it finally clicked.

I used the Anthony Sequeria book and more importantly used all the bonus material which came with the book.

I also used CompTIA Network+ N10-007 app on iTunes from Alexandru Cebotari which has over 1800 prep questions,

And as always Professor Messer youbute video

now on to Sec+ and CCNA


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    Congrats on passing. I will be taking this in a few weeks. Have done A+ and Project+ recently. I find the comptia exams odd and lacking a bit of real world. A+ felt like a history lesson. Glad I'm old and recalled most of that stuff but not sure techs in the current time period will ever benefit. Project+ was great though and spot on.

    Did the harder performance based question seem like a beta question? I know they put them on the exams but always wondered if they would ever do this for a performance question. btw, I cannot stand that certification providers do this and cause such a mystery for $paying exam takers. Save those for the end and call them bonus questions and pay me for my time with a coupon on the next cert exam or something but don't put that into the mix of what is important for the exam.
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    Hi, I couldn't tell if the performance based questions were beta or not, one of them was very straightforward but the other just wasn't clear to me at all,

    I did all the mutli choice questions 1st and then did the performance based ones last. I've been playing around with this stuff since the 90's in the days of old School CNE's and have just returned to IT after having a 4 year break, must admit I'm loving it again
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