advice for newbe(ish)

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forgive my writing as this keyboard is knackered, maybe i should put through the dishwasher as one of my training (A+) sugested ...without soap though!... i 9yess the shift key are gone0 .. i just passed my a plus, im 36 and live in london, i ran a small business for a while 15 years which mainly concentrated with 2networking2 with cars.... i am thinking of doing a mcp on xp next, but i need to earn some money1!!! i dont mind taking min wage to get in the IT door but what should i do, i wouldnt mind field work but the way in seems to be helpdesk...... which i would probally get fed up with... most of you guys seem to be in us or can.... any jobs going???? or maybe some advice.....

ps i can now stop using 4 pcs to learn//?? win me or nt4 and throw this s88t in the bin.

thanx for any advice
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