CISSP Passed Aug 9, 2018

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Hello Friends,

I'm very excited to inform you that I have cleared the CISSP exam on my first attempt.
Actually, this was a very important certification for me because I put lots of efforts to clear the exam successfully and the money involved which I spend from my pocket(:P)

Here is my exam experience:
  • I must say this CISSP is having a very lengthy syllabus. We just say that CISSP covers 8 domains but each domain itself contains lots of information which we need to read and understand and it's really challenging to keep all this thing in mind.
  • So, my suggestion to all the community members is that you have to plan for the exam and stay calm. Sometime you may feel frustrated but nothing to worry whenever you feel frustrated to take rest or take walk or watch something you like and then come back with positive energy.
  • It took me around 2-3 months to prepare for the exam.
  • I always tried to spend minimum 3 hours of study during working days and 6-8 hour on weekends.
  • I will suggest you all study CISSP official thoroughly once and try to grab as much as you can. Once you complete reading the book once, take 2-3 days break and then start reading the book again but this time you should start writing your own notes. Your own notes from each domain will help you revise before the exam.
  • Also, do attend the questions available at the end of each chapter.
  • Then, I started solving the CISSP official test practice test. This book is having around 1200 question from each domain and 2 practice test. I made note of anything which I found something new in questions which I did find while reading the book.
  • Finally, I read the 11th-hour CISSP, 3rd edition.
That's it!

Frankly speaking, It was too much for me :)

Note: Please focus on CISSP official book and do the solve the practice question. If you don't read 11th-hour work, it will work. Keep in mind, just keep your basic strong in each domain.

you can reach out to me on LinkedIn for any further question:

All the best, Guys


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    Didn't you follow any online practice exam site , Like boson or any other else??
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    Congratulations on the pass!!!
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    Congratulations. You definitely put in the time and it paid off.
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    Congratulations on your pass!

    I'm side picking a bit but I recommend you remove the words "CISSP" from your LinkedIn as you have not pass the endorsement phase - you're technically violating the Code of Ethics that you just accepted when you wrote the exam. I rather be safe than sorry than to put CISSP anywhere online before you have been officially endorsed. I am sure you mean no harm but it's part of their guidelines.
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