Do you like Cisco?

garv221garv221 Member Posts: 1,914
I like Cisco and I am surrounded and manage hundereds of thousands of dollars of it but I still find my self knowing exactly what needs to be done with a PIX or 4000 series switch and still having to research some commands or look up short cuts. I honestly think this can all be done with a good web version. Nortel has it. Why does Cisco HAVE to be best ran on a cmd line? If web version were standard sooooo much less time would be invlolved in studying the commands and time would be saved by strictly knowing networking and making it happen. For alot of people Cisco is like going to another country. They know what they need to say to get their point accross but first they must know the language. It just seems like that medium would have been cut out awhile back. Look at windows- DOS is dead.


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