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Here's a question I haven't been able to find an answer to. I installed Win2k3 Server from the CD that came with the MS Press book and then I applied all the updates and Service Pack 1. I tried to install the recovery consolse and got an error saying the version on my CD was older then the current OS. No problem, only no where does it tell you how to install if you run into this problem.


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    That might have something to do with it being an eval CD. However, you can always boot to the recovery console from the CD whether you install it to the hard drive or not. Just make sure you don't lose the CD.
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    I've had this problem before. If you install RC before you install the service pack you should be good.
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    Also had this problem. I allways install RC then SP1, not sure if there is a way to install RC once the SP is install.
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