The SIP School-SSCA and SSVVP

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Does anyone have first hand experience with these certs? Is my understanding correct on this... SSCA seems like an entry level telecom cert and SSVVP is an intermediate telecom/networking cert? How do they compare to CCNA or Network +? Difficulty level? Study material? Want to snag both of these so any input is helpful.


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    The training might be really really great and I'm all for taking certs for the learning journey. But as far as comparison to something like CCNA . . .
    Well in the sea of certs and from the perspective of HR, if CCNA were a whale, the SIP School would be like plankton.

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    Yup. CCNA is the standard. Do either of these compare to Network +? Can anyone who's taken either of these compare? To be clear I'm not trying to substitute either of these for Network + or CCNA... I'm trying to place them. Are they primarily telecom certs? Networking certs? Or both? Would you get either of these if you had a Network + or a CCNA?
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    I passed both of these exams in the past two weeks and they are worthwhile if you are going to be working with VoIP.

    The SSVVP is akin to the Network+. I can't give a real comparison between the two as it's been 15 years since I took the Network+ but I do remember the Network+ being more difficult.

    The SSCA covers a ton of info related to SIP/VVoIP but the test was not difficult.

    I obtained these certs as they are required by my employer for the position I just promoted into. As I said earlier, the exams are worthwhile if you want to learn about SIP and VoIP but I do have to wonder about the value of these certs from a purely practical point as they are online and unproctored. I'm not sure how respected they are in general. And they dont compare at all to Cisco certs or even the JNCIA-Junos exam.

    So that was a long way of saying they may be worth your time depending on you particular situation and career goals.
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