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Think I may have screwed myself. I started the OSCP in early 2017 did my 3 months and was sidetracked by other projects/requirements/life etc. Anyway, I downloaded the materials, renamed all the videos sequentially and stored them on drop box. I recently started a lab extension and I'm thinking that I lost a handful of the videos.

I have 72 videos, with the last being how to use searchsploit. Nothing covering RFI, LFI, SQL injection, Password attacks or proxy chains. Can someone else registered for the course verify the total amount of videos? Going to have to repurchase, but just want to make sure first.



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    There are 148 videos for me. TBH, I wouldn't buy the videos again if I were you, I would just use other free resources like Cybrary. The crossfire exploit video was the only video that I enjoyed and think it was worth it.

    This pretty much covers the OSCP materials: https://www.cybrary.it/course/advanced-penetration-testing/
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    Jesus. I wonder how on earth I lost over half. That’s crazy but thank you. I just wanted the videos for the sake of stepping through the exercises. I didn’t complete them last time and tried to jump right in. Appreciate the cybrary link. Will check it out
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    Yeah, I backed up mine in with two separate cloud providers to avoid this. Nevertheless the book and the forum errata is enough for the exercises and if you get stuck feel free to PM me and I will look up the answer for you in the videos. Also, try to note down the commands for the exercises before you start, I managed to do half of the exercises before I even restarted my lab time.
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    Ottucsak - when is your exam?
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    In one and a half week. Really looking forward to it as I want to jump on SLAE as soon as I can. :)
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    Thanks. And good luck on the exam
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    appreciate it. I found the remainder of the videos. I had renamed the majority of the videos for ease of use, and apparently only made it halfway through the list, so they were there just not under the naming convention I'd started. will check out the link you sent too though
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    Though it has been long, wanted to see if you are done with the course! I also got a website where they teach you different courses in information security. One of the courses is the Ultimate Hacklab, it is a self paced course.
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