Took Infosec course for CCNA R/S

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As the title says, my job paid to send me to the CCNA R/S Infosec course. I passed both of the ICND exams with no issues after going through this course. I'll say I did learn a lot but at the same time, but if you're an entry level cisco person I would take the time to actually study a book and setup a physical lab because this course kind of robs you of a certain experience you get through a hands on learning type of environment. It's more of a cram for the exams type of course. If someone is new to CCNA and they take this course, I cant see them hitting the ground running at a new job without some struggles but that's just my 2 cents.

This isnt a bash Infosec post. I did love going through the course and the accelerated learning to get prepped for both exams in 5 days is quite a challenge. Without going into details of the course or exam, I will vaguely say that I now know why they have a 95%+ pass rate. All the info taught to you is geared directly for the exam obviously but it's pretty ridiculous just how close to the exam some of the material is. Luckily I had already taken a CCNA course in college, was familiar with all the routing protocols and most switch commands I needed to know for CCNA, and actually work with configuring and maintaining cisco equipment daily so I actually got alot out of it. Once I finish reading through my ccnp books and setup some labs for that, I will probably push for my job company to send me back for the CCNP certs.
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