Just started CCNP studies, forgetting previously learned stuff

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I've started studying for the CCNP Switching exam. I'm reading the cisco press book and in the process of setting up a proper lab. I passed CCNA back in March and I fear that I've forgotten a lot of what I learned for those exams that I just dont use from day to day in my job environment and this may hurt my CCNP learning process.

Anyone have any thoughts on keeping up with the knowledge and will going through CCNP material refresh my memory on some of the fuzzy stuff? For me personally, I think I would need to repetitively go through the same configuration labs to keep it fresh in my head, but dont want to spend alot of time doing that when I should be concentrating on NP labs.


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    I took my CCNA 4 years ago and while I don't remember the specifics I still can follow along with the commands that are being entered when I watch videos or read CCNA labs. I would not stress over it once you get back into study mode it should all start to come back.
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    I'd recommend refreshing all CCNA switching topics first, but not CCNA exam level ready. Just re-study the topics perform a few labs, make sure you understand them again. Then dive into CCNP switch material. A lot of study material pretty much covers what the NA covers in more detail, and they add a lot more stuff to it.

    1. Refresh NA switching with some labbing, do that for a week or two.
    2. Start NP material.
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