Starting 70-461 today

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Wow, haven't been here in a very long time.

Going from network engineer to dev+dba role and looking to pass 70-461 in 30 days. Been using sql since 05 but never really got into the deep bits. I work with an MS product that is heavily invested in sql server 2014 so I'm hoping this journey will help. Goal is to pass all 3 exams by end of the year.



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    Ha! I'm with you on this journey. I've worked with SQL Server for several years at my prior company and now found myself doing cisco networking so I dropped my SQL studies. Now I'm heading back into the fold. SQL DBA again after two years out. The admin side I'm not to concerned about as I've have a couple of customers where I'm dealing with their databases. Now, it's getting back into the querying and looking into SSRS. I'm interested in your progress. Are you still perusing this?
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    Good going. I wrote the exam today and found it relatively straight forward (no trick wording and straight forward scenarios) though I barely scraped through as I had put a bit too much focus in one specific area which found hardest to study whereas the actual exam had only 1 question from that topic smh. All the best with your studies. For me it's 70-762 next, tentatively set for end of May
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    Hi @Zorodzai Sorry I missed your reply. This forum gets such little traffic.
    Congrats on your pass! I'm still in learning mode trying to figure out the business processes and how that data is stored. I'm wondering if I should even just skip the 2012 and and move to 70-761. Everything in 2016 should be backwards compatible to 2012.
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    AvgITGeek said:
     Are you still perusing this?
    Sadly no, not the exams at least.  I've been doing more dev than sql lately.
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     I am new to this forum and also new to 70-461 exam.

    Anyone know about the difference between measureup practice test Vs Transcender practice test? Which one do you prefer?

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    You may want to start a new thread... MODs please assist. 
    To answer your questions Transcender has helped me while measureup just does not. That is my .02
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    @bigdogz, sorry for breaking the rule. Will do.

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