To CIPP or Not

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Hey all,

So I have been an identity and security IT guy for most of the last 20 years. General IT the previous ten. I have through that done HIPAA, SOX, JSOX, etc. audits and the like as well as policy design etc. Now in reality, over 50% of my job is validation, policy writting or implementation to keep sensitive information private.

Now with GDPR and all the new impacts for CaCPA, I looked into and passed the CIPT. A middling score but a pass.

So two questions.

1. How much harder is the CIPP (US and E) than the CIPT or are they very similar.
2. Do you think they would give a fellow to an IT person? It oddly fits what I have done for a very long time.

I would do this after CISM or CISSP... But would be book or book and CIPPGuide based for training.

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