Passed N10-007 today

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Hello All,

I am a new member of this forum and joined a few days back was too busy preparing for the Network+ N10-007 exam which I passed today. I am not from IT background at all and had been studying for last 2 months for this. I bought an online video course for this and used the Exam Cram book. For mock parctice I used Pocket Prep app and PearsonPrep tests that I bought online.

My experience with the exam was...

There was no subnettting question
No question involving Ethernet/fiber cable types or speeds or distances
No question about any IEEE 8XX.XX standards
Just a couple about Protocols and their ports.

Loads of questions about
1) Technical scenario and troubleshooting based questions about switches, routers, broadcast domains, collision domains.
2) Quite a few terminologies and acromyms that I didnt read about in Exam Cram.

Hope this helps anyone else who might appearing soon.



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