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Got my CISSP exam passed in March and just passed my CCSP Exam yesterday.
I passed both exams at the 1st attempt.

Finish the 1st round answering 125 questions in the first 2 hr (out of the 4 hrs)
There is actually plenty of time but just after answering 80-90 question, I was feeling a little bit tired and starting to lose my focus and attenion.

Marked 70-80 question to review because I was not 100% sure.
Spend another 1hr-1hr 20 mins in reviewing the and corrected/changed the answers for just 2-3 questions and click end exam because further review might not get me a better result.

CCSP (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional Official Study Guide.

Because the company which I have been working for operates very close the cloud model, providing IT service for other operation companies (without the fully automatic automation and orchestration), therefore it's was not difficult for me to understand how cloud's work, multi-tenancy and what are the risks generally involved.

For the code of ethnic, I will not tell you the exam content for sure.
But a little bit sharing below which might help you (actually you can apply to any other exams)

For those who are studying or preparing for the exam, my advice:
  1. Please don't just believing just studying the CCSP Study Guide alone (or taking the Practice Question) will able to get you pass, because I have many other experience including infrastrcuture, application architecture knowlege and exposed to a variety of technology over many years of working experience. This can not be done (or study) in 1 week or 1 month but take years of practice.
  2. During the study, taking those questions at the back of the chapter (or the Practice test) seriously. When I say seriously it does not means just looking/counting how many questions you got right or wrong but this is what I will do (for every single question), the first bullet below is trivial (I guess everyone is doing), but not the 2nd one.
  • For questions you have answered incorrect, ask yourself: why this is the wrong answer to the question, what makes the other answer(s) right / better than this one (pretty trivial).
  • THE LESS TRIVIAL and MOST IMPORTANT: For questions you have answered correctly, ask yourself: why you have got the right answer and what makes the other wrong or less right. If you don't know what exactly get your answer the best one and why others wrong or not the best, do more study on that topic.
Finally READ the question carefully during the exam.

By practicing the above, I am sure you will be a step closer to certification. There is no luck but hard work.

But still I wish you all luck.


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