Passed CASP-002

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Passed CASP-002 today. Exam was intense. Make sure you understand every single concept in CompTia CASP five core topics. I have 20+ years of experience in IT field. Some of my knowledge certainly helped me pass this exam. My exam had lot of simulations and drag and drop questions. I used Plural site CASP training course to understand some of the concepts. I also used 2nd edition of [h=1]CASP CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner Study Guide: Exam CAS-002 . I recommend newer edition which I believe is third edition.[/h]
[h=1][/h]Good luck to whoever is taking this exam.


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    just curious, did you get a simulation that was Linux and involved disabling services?
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    well done on the pass. I am preparing myself and not sure of the PBQs in particular what to cover. Can you offer any info regarding these. Thanks.
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