I need help with subnetting

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Greetings guys,
So this is my 1st time posting on the internet asking for help with my work. Sorry, but, i am not good at english. I try my best to make u guys understand what i am saying. This is related to (Cisco Packet Tracer)
I will be posting a picture below. So in this picture i need help with branches. Woodland, Changi and Jurong. These 3 are branches. And now, i was told to do like;

Network ID:
1st Usable IP:
Last IP:
Broadcast IP:

So now i need help with these IP;

Woodlands > (2 Subnets) - The picture has typo
Changi > (2 Subnets)
Jurong > (2 Subnets)

The reason why 2 subnets is because, example, for Woodlands branches, i have 2 different department conencted to the switch along with different VLANs. One is Operation and the other one is Customer Service. Right now i need help to configure my IP address for my PCs

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