Mitsubishi LCD TV Monitor link cable??

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Ive got a 37" Mitsubishi TV that has a "brainbox" that it connects to which controls the TV, and other devices you connect to it.

It communicates with the TV via 2 cables:

HDMI --male - male

"Monitor link cable" (rs-232) (female to female db-9)

I am wondering if this monitor link cable is a null-modem cable b/c I need to snake it through my wall and plan on making an ethernet conversion cable.

I have called the manufacturer & tweeter and they told me it was a "special" cable exclusive to the model of my TV. They also told me that the 25 ft. HDMI cable I got from Ebay for $30 was going to cost $400 thru them.

Anyone have any experience with this stuff? B/C in my A+ studying I've learned that female to female is always null modem. So I am confused. icon_confused.gif:


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    RS-232 is an electrical standard has has nothing to do with the pin-out of the particular cable. If they won't give you the pin-outs, the only way to know for sure is to ring out the cable with an ohmmetter. the particular gender doesn't mean anything. Just because it is a sub d-9 doesn't mean anything.

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    Best buy sells AV cables for $125... my supplier carries the exact same one for $20...
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    the only way to know for sure is to ring out the cable with an ohmmetter.

    So I would measure resistance between cable end pin to cable end pin, correct?

    One more question...Is it advisable to splice a serial cable by cutting & re-soldering & shrink wrapping the individual wires in the middle? (I know this may be a ridiculous question so go ahead & flame me if I am out of my mind in thinking that this will work icon_confused.gif
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