Passed SSCP

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Passed SSCP yesterday (provisionally, but paperwork to complete shouldn't be a big deal). I made the certification my goal to earn during the Summer break between college coursework, and am glad I passed it just as the new semester is beginning. I didn't want to have to manage studying for a retake while also working on 9 hours of classes.

Overall, I was ready for the exam. I was fortunate enough that my employer paid for the official SSCP week long training course, and it helped get some of the more challenging concept across, but I wouldn't advise relying on this course alone. I read the All-In-One and Sybex "Official" study guide as well as the ISC/2 CBK. The CBK got more in-depth, but is a dry read that also seems to repeat the topics a bit sloppily again and again. I think any two of the three books would cover what you need to know. I also used CISSP practice exams since there aren't a lot of SSCP specific exams around.

All in all, I think the exam is worthwhile. While not as recognized as CISSP, the prepwork did help me get a much more solid foundation around security, especially around encryption.

I'm figuring I'll aim for CASP and CISSP over the next few months as well. Probably do CASP - maybe Pentest+ - first to be more tech focused and build my knowledge. Then, do CISSP.


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    Excellent! You may consider jumping right into CISSP next. You're already most of the way there, having earned SSCP. No sense in having to relearn anything. That was going to be my plan three years ago, but I let myself get sidetracked.
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    Yeah I'm trying to consider how to go about it. I had actually been studying for CWNA and taking college courses to finish another Bachelor's (only a couple more semesters on that). I got the opportunity to take the SSCP course this Summer as I had no college coursework, so got "sidetracked" from CWNA, and now think on one hand I should go ahead an knock it out fast to motor onwards to either CASP first then CISSP or vice versa. On top of that the semester started again, so I'll have plenty of reading and learning for that as it is. However, CISSP definitely seems in reach.
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    Congrats and +1 for tedjames. icon_thumright.gif
    X year plan: (20XX) OSCP [ ], CCSP [ ]
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