Boss is asking for specs for a VM - Need guidance

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Hey everyone, So I'm starting to pentest web applications and my boss and I thought it would be a good idea to get a VM up and running for these tests as I would really like to utilize Kali for these tests. I'm stumped as to how much memory is really required for a Kali box that will be used for this purpose. We will also be installing burp suite pro and ZAP on the box. For the SANS course I just took, their VM is at 1.5 GB memory with 1 processor and 20GB of HDD space. We did very simple testing but I was going to use those specs for this machine as well. Where do I start in coming up with those requirements?

Yeah nevermind. This was a stupid question! I thought that a VM might need different specs but I found an article for Kali linux explaining what is required.


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