What good is the NA/Wireless if it doesn't teach you how to set up a site survey?

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I understand that this cert is more theoretical than practical. So how would it help you get a job where they want you to set up wireless for their company when the cert doesn't teach you anything about Meraki - Cisco's wireless GUI? Or how to install APs and controllers? Is there a better cert for learning these things in lieu of the experience when you don't have it? I don't see requests in the job ads for a CCNA-Wireless - just wireless experience.


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    Honestly, wireless itself seems to be more of a task that is added onto somebody else's role. Companies seem to want to have somebody with a strong understanding of networking that can then learn wireless, not just a wireless specialist with nothing else to give. Many of the other disciplines (security, DC, collaboration, etc.) are really seen as separate segments of IT but wireless is lumped into networking. That doesn't necessarily mean that a large company won't have somebody who specializes in wireless, but the opportunities are a lot less. Unless you HAD to get CCNA:Wireless....I would go for at least CCNP:R&S and then start getting into specialities.

    Remember...even if Cisco says you can do xyz speciality and have a good shot at a job, you have to go with what the numbers say. I always use job searches to help my certification decisions.
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    look at CWNA by CWNP and attending a Ekahau site survey engineer course (ESCE) this will teach you everything you need and more
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    I agree with burns82. Aruba acma/acmp are also great certs. Aruba is deployed everywhere.
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