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I passed the CAS-002 this week after a two weeks of listening to Kelly Handerhan's Cybrary videos. While she does a great job, I can say this this video series itself really isn't enough. It's just kind of a review to tie all your studying up before you sit down for the exam. There's a general theme of risk management and decision-making to some of the questions and the videos seemed to help in this regard.

I tried reading the Pearson book and gave up. It seemed pretty thorough but covered things I mostly already knew. More useful was the testing engine that came with the book. I spent a few nights going through some of the questions and was satisfied with my results (was hitting about 80% on questions I hadn't seen yet). The explanations were passable (which of course is the more important thing).

I've found actual experience, as with most CompTIA tests, is a better teacher than anything else for the CASP, especially if you are working on IA documentation and applying STIGs in your environment. Studying for the CCNA Security was much more applicable than most of the CASP-labelled material.

This is a pretty fun test-- it didn't seem as long as I thought and I think I had about 45 minutes to spare. I had enough time time to leisurely read each question and ponder it. The sims were pretty fun and I think about the first ten were sims or drag and drop type questions.
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