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Has anyone else done the A+ exams through OCR comptia?
I wanted to take the A+ exams seperately because I wasn't ready to take both.
I studied the Hardware one and was expecting to take my exam for it on Friday but now my tutor tells me that I have to take both the exams together because it is OCR comptia and we have to go by OCR's rules because they have paid for my tuition fees.
I don't know really how it works, I basically get the message that if a person pays for their exams then they have the option to take both together or one at a time but if it a student receives funding for thir course then they have to take both exams together.
Does anyone know about this because it's news to me?


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    i haven't heard of ocr comptia. is that who does the exams through schools?
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    From reading the story above, this is a English offering supported by Comptia, but run independantly. I would guess that since you are taking one of their courses you have to follow their rules. However it IS two seperate exams http://www.vue.com/servlet/ExamList?client=119 . If I were you I would enquire with my instructor if they will pay a re-sit fee if you happen to miss on one or both of the exams due to them forcing you to take both at the same time.
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    i have taken some ocr exams in the past, but i wasn't sure if it was the same ocr. i have taken clait and ibt2 through them, and my typewriting exams were taken when they were known as rsa.

    you'll just have to see if the school/college you are taking the exams through will offer some concessions. maybe if several of your co-students get alongside you, you may be able to make more ground.

    visit as many certification sites as you can and download and print their guides, and use them alongside the technotes here and your book and see how well you can cover the objectives.
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    Thanks for the replies guys....looks like the ball is in OCR's court then, as if it isn't stressful enough... tut
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