Status of top tier IT sec training

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Notice: None of the top tier IT Sec training companies had an outage today.

You should never order pizza from a shop that takes old pizza, adds new cheese and charged more...


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    I think it is about elearnsecurity's lab environment crashing today.
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    I don't care much for them but what's the point? A month and a half ago Amazon had issues on Prime Day and they are certianly top tier in their stuff, although they don't make pizza (yet).
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    but I love leftover pizza!!
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    Yeah I'm a little lost but you had me at pizza so it's all good.
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    This is response why they want your money for 2 new modules and 10+ new labs, that are not in the exam. And no new exam.

    I had once a friend.
    We often went to have a Pizza to a nearby town. About 20 km far away.
    We had 2 roads. One was a highway, with a toll fee of about $5.
    The other was a road on the mountains, very unsafe, no lights, lots of people died falling off the hill.
    Took twice the time to get at destination. When lucky.

    I've always taken the highway. He has always taken the mountain road.
    eLearnSecurity is the highway, and not even expensive.
    Takes you right where you need to be in the shortest amount of time, thanks to great instructors who, guess what?, deserve to be paid and as everyone else need a salary to pay their bills.
    Do we want to get right where we need to be, fast and hassle-free, paying a little amount?
    Or do we want to go free with all the risk involved?
    Each answer is legit. But hopefully this explains why you pay for a training course.

    but didn't instructor quit/fired before course opened? just checked - all instructors except ptx gone. why?

    Aren't there more up to date topics in pentesterlab or

    Not bashing. Only looking for training material with up-to-date material. Buyer beware. Shop around - find quality.
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    Plenty of us here use eLearnSecurity, and we vouch for the quality.

    since you are new to security (new2sec), I recommend you check your facts, actually take the courses from eLearnSecurity,then take other courses from other providers, have experience, compare them to one another, and then create a useful thread.

    Alternatively, you can listen to the more experienced members here who actually took the courses and wrote actual reviews

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    Meh. The VirtualHackingLabs website is on WordPress of all things, yet it's really well put together and has an excellent price. I'm impressed that some of the lab machines are designed to be exploited using 2017 vulnerabilities. VPN works well most of the time.

    SANS material is the most expensive pizza and occasionally I've found that a tidbit of their course content is stale -- though that seems to often be the case whenever we're on revision 6, 7, 8 of almost any publishing that had their first edition 10+ years ago, even if it was extraordinary the first time. At SANS-level prices the griping is justified.

    Small companies aren't perfect. If the pizza place knows what they're doing, that reheated slice blows Pizza Hut away, even if they don't happen to have a salad bar for some reason.
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    this thread has annoyed me.
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