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I'm just wondering if I'll get a digital logo on acclaim for CompTIA certificates. If yes, When ?
I passed my exam on Friday.


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    Nope. CompTIA has not partnered with Acclaim to issue digital badges. It would be nice if they did. You can download the Security+ certified logo from your CompTIA certification account to use on business cards or your resume if you wish.
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    Thanks for replying.
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    Acclaim as in applause? <Sorry, too much coffee...>
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    I called Comptia and asked about the Acclaim program and they had no clue lol. But yeah as stated earlier, you are entilted the usage of the logo(s) pertaining to the certifications you are certified against as per the logo requirements. I hope they do at some point partner up, with Acclaim. I like my (ISC)2 ones and definitely want others.
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    The gears were spinning in my mind earlier when kMastaFlash mentioned that CompTIA is not partnered with Acclaim. Some kind of strategic financial thing going on for sure here. . . but then . . .
    ecuison wrote: »
    I called Comptia and asked about the Acclaim program and they had no clue lol. . .

    Heh heh, how does that saying go? Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. icon_lol.gif After all we're talking about a trade association that had to rename the CSA+ because they didn't bother to research the acronym first. So in the end maybe we'll be getting acclaim badges relatively soon once CompTIA wakes up a little bit.
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