N10-006 Expired

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icon_cry.gif So I just realized the exam I have been studying almost a year for has expired. My voucher I received from my class expires November 29th. At no point did anyone warn me that my exam would be retired in August of this year... I am beyond angry...

Does anyone have an idea how difficult the N10-007 Exam will be for someone whose a majority of their studying was done on N10-006?


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    It is not going to be that different. I started studying with the 006 materials and noticed the new format on the way. I switched over at that time to the 007 materials. Not that different. Now, the exam itself may be different and said to be clearer but having not yet taken it, I cannot really speak to that. Also, the exam I take and what you take (both being 007) will be different questions so take all feedback with a grain of salt as your experience may vary based on what you get and how ready you are in the areas covered by the exam.

    AFA the voucher, contact CompTIA and see if they will accept it. I bet they will or provide you with an alternative solution. Remember, they are in the business to do business so there should be a customer service focus from them in this regards.

    Good luck.
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    In the end network is networking. I would go online and look at what the new changes are, study the new stuff and proceed with some of the older content you've been going over. The changes from version from version are usually not super drastic.
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