Just Passed the GI, C Certified Windows Security Administrator (GCWN) Exam!

krucial85krucial85 Member Posts: 84 ■■■□□□□□□□
This exam was harder than I thought going into the exam. I thought I was prepared by the results of the practice exams that I took (Practice test 1 - 71, Practice test 2 - 73 and Practice test 3 - 86) but the exam was quite different (but I passed). I've really tried to commit myself to learning as much as I can before I leave the military, thus the reason for seeking the knowledge gained in the certification courses, but I'm concerned about my transition. I have been placed in an Information Assurance role and don't believe I will get the opportunity to hone my skills in a production environment. It was suggested that I try to find a place where I can volunteer and/or dabble in my home-built lab with virtual machines but I'm concerned that I might not be able to "talk the talk" or "walk the walk" well enough in the civilian sector. Anybody have any suggestions or words of wisdom that you could impart upon me?icon_neutral.gif
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