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I have a question/remark about the Network Components Technote.
Under the heading of repeaters it stated that there exists this 5-4-3 rule.
I read in Exam Cram2 Network+ that the 5-4-3 rule pertains to Coaxial and the 5-4-5 rule pertains to UTP cabling, which would mean that all physical segments connected with four repeaters could be populated if UTP cabling is used.
Please could you clarify this issue.
Many thanks. And I enjoy this site tremendously. Hope to do my Network + exam in about 2 weeks.



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    Hi Okki and welcome to the forums.

    Let me start by stating that repeaters nor the 5-4-3 (and certainly no 5-4-5) rule are relevant to the current version of Network+.

    Secondly, I have honestly, after 12 years experience in IT and experience with the 5-4-3 rule, never heard of the "5-4-5 rule". My piece about repeaters and the 5-4-3 rule relates to the original 10Base2/5 Ethernet network (indeed coaxial) which, as is obvious in any diagram of the 5-4-3 rule uses a bus topology, hence coaxial cable, not UTP, so the latter does not apply. I think they made it up to illustrate a point that it works differently in an UTP star network. If you do a search on google for "5-4-5 rule" you will see that is not listed on any indexed web page. doesn't know of 5-4-5 either.

    Again, it's not relevant to the N10-003 exam so I wouldn't break my head of over it.
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