If you take on demand training, how much time do you have to signup for exam?

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So my co-worker took SANS 401 on demand training, despite taking a week off of work to do the training, he hasn't yet completed the course. He still have two more books to complete, he took the training Aug 13 to 17th, which was 5 weeks ago. I assumed he purchased the certification attempt when he took his training, but I found out today, he didn't. Now I know for live training, normally you sign up the week you take the training for the certification attempt to get the discount rate someone like $675 last time I paid for one, but I don't know how long you have to sign up for the exam for on demand training to get the discounted rate. I believe the office told me I could still sign up after the event if you call them, but I thought the cut off was 30 days.

Does anyone know how much time you have to pay for a certification attempt when taking on-demand training, and still get the discounted rate? How much is it if you don't get the discount, I recall $1,000, but I'm not sure, it's something like $1200 if you challenge the exam.
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