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Maybe I can get some assistance here, which courses will be the best to take in order first for IAT Level II and IAM Level I or II first..

Any suggestions and explanations will be great.


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    I'll bite... Welcome to the forum! Remember, Google is your friend.
    Lets start here: DoD Approved 8570 Baseline Certifications

    What is your passion? What's your background? Is money a consideration here? icon_rolleyes.gif
    Without any further info I would suggest that you start with A+ -> Network+ both are IAT Level I but will give you some background knowledge for Sec+ which is IAT Level II and IAM Level I. Other IAM Level 2 certs have prerequisite experience or certs except for GSLC, but hey, if you are willing to drop $1900 without a bonafide program to back it up... Does CAP have any prerequisites?

    There are a number of useful resources that can get you started. Look up Professor Messer and couple that with a Sybex reading.
    I think CompTIA is still selling a training kit at discount with the certs, I found that useful when I took Sec+. Udemy has video courses by name.
    Keep in mind; RIF... Reading Is Fundamental, Video courses alone will not do it (unless you are in the Matrix...).

    If money IS an object, keep in mind how much it will cost to take the cert test twice or three times vs the amount training costs.
    Also account for some cert authorities imposing a cooling off period so you are unable to immediately retest.

    I cant make any suggestions for any "boot camp" style courses aside from Learning Tree, however if taking one of those courses, be certain that you are doing self study in parallel, test voucher is included and plan to test within a week.

    Good luck!
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